Canada Day, Visual Imagery and Theatre

With so many Canadians calling London home, it comes as no surprise that there is always something Canada-related happening. Just last month’s London Fashion Week highlighted a couple of top-notch Canadian designers who have A-lister celebrities as clients. A few days ago London was also home to the EduCanada Fair, where Londoners are invited to think of Canada as a study destination.

Mixing International Artists

The Southbank Centre is hosting The Infinite Mix at the Hayward Gallery in London, an exhibition highlighting contemporary sound and image from various international artists, including Canadian Stan Douglas. The audio-visual installations take visitors through different topics, Douglas’s being the intersection of narrative, fact and fiction, while making a connotation to the cultural exchanges that occur between North America and Africa. The exhibition is open until December 4th of this year.

Celebrate Like a True Canadian

Throughout the year many other things take place regarding Canadian arts and others. Just a few months ago Mia Feuer and Julia Dault represented Canada at an all-female art exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. But it’s not only seeing the art, but also creating it. In fact, if you filmed yourself on September 10th as a Canadian anywhere in the world, you still have until October 6th to upload your video to Canada in a Day, which celebrates what Canadians did on that specific date around the world. The final film will be directed by Trish Dolman and it will air in Summer of 2017 to celebrate the country’s 150th anniversary.

Cirque Eloize: Dazzling London

If you’re more of a circus and theater type of person, you’re in luck. This upcoming friday you will be able to enjoy a little bit of Quebec at the Peacock Theater in London. The show is a Canadian circus group who are theatrical at their best, fun, bedazzling and aerobically talented at their worst. Cirque Eloize tickets are selling for as little as £15. You can check out Canada House’s event calendar weekly for updates and upcoming events regarding the amazing and thriving Canadian community in London.