Renovating Canada in London


While one may not conceive Canada as an architecture and design mecca, artists and designers from the North American country have emerged around the world. They have proved that Canada is more than hockey and good manners; there is talent in the nation, and they are expanding worldwide and leaving a fashionable print in many places. London’s Canada House has helped catapult these artists with exhibitions that englobe artisans and craftspeople from all walks of life from Canada.

Actually, Canada House underwent a renovation last year, and to celebrate the new building in Trafalgar Square, Canadian artists dipped their spoon in the project. The building is fully decorated with 21st Century Canadian vision, bringing in celebrated furniture and lighting designers, artists and others to create a unique and outstanding interior design for the building. The art that decorates the walls, the floors and more is all an effort to showcase the very best from Canada so that anyone who steps into Canada House leaves with a sense of having experienced the products and creativity that Canadian artists have.

In fact, the whole project of the renovation was led by a design firm called Stantec that has a long history with Canada. The idea behind the renewal was to “restore Canada House to its architectural glory”. As many exhibitions take place within Canada House, it makes sense to showcase the best of Canadian artistry in what they like to call the heart of Canada in London.