Business Culture Between Colombia and London

Business relations between the United Kingdom and Colombia are improving every day. With so many Colombians migrating to the European country, there has to be plenty that are starting their businesses abroad and succeeding. There is plenty of help available for Colombians who are trying to fend for themselves in a foreign country by jumping into the adventures of entrepreneurship. Luckily, the British and Colombian Chamber of Commerce builds closer ties between both nations. Their idea is to promote investments that go both ways.

Efforts are often being made in the UK to push Colombian businesses and entrepreneurs. In fact, Negocios COLUK is a group of Colombians in London that promote business culture between both nations, helping newcomers achieve their business dreams with the help of those who have already settled and succeeded in running a business abroad. The idea behind this group is to strengthen Colombian commercial activity in London and across the United Kingdom. In fact, events often take place in order to create networking opportunities between investors and businessmen, as well as to teach new entrepreneurs about the business culture in the UK.

Of course, one of the biggest businesses to flourish in London is that of Colombian coffee. It’s not so much about the technology as it is about the culture, the work, and the art behind the coffee. Across the city, Colombian coffee shops have popped up offering what their country best cultivates, and it has been welcomed with open arms. With such a huge community of Latinos residing in the city, it comes as no surprise that Colombian businesses continue to flourish.