Australian Entrepreneurs in London

Anyone who has watched Dragon’s Den is probably familiar with the opinionated Richard Farleigh. Born in Australia to a poor family of eleven, he beat all the odds to change his life and shape his future. Today, living in London, he is one of the top 200 richest Australians and makes a living off his investments in the British capital.


When he first moved to London, he took on the project to convert an old Georgian mansion into one of London’s most exclusive private members club. His success has not stopped there, as he has widely invested in projects based in the British capital, injecting his Australian risk-tolerant wisdom into the already booming British economy. Learning to do business as an expat in London was hard at first. In an interview with The Telegraph, he shared that he felt the need to “learn to speak English” when he first arrived here and give a twist to his opinions. “In a boardroom I no longer say ‘you’re wrong, mate’. I now say, ‘that’s an interesting point; now let’s, for a moment, consider the opposite’,” he shared.

He isn’t, of course, the only successful Australian doing business in the city. Plenty of entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the historical and bilateral relationship between these nations and flocked to the British capital to invest and grow as businessmen. David Higgins, for example, served as the Chief Executive of the London 2012 Summer Olympics Delivery Authority.

For those with lower profiles than these businessmen, there is still hope in London. The Australia - United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce is a great stepping stone for those looking to connect with the business community in both Australia and the UK.