Oslo Meets Hackney: The Norwegian Startup Scene

Being overshadowed by Berlin and London’s startup scene, Norway isn’t quite as visible as it would like to be. However, taking advantage of London’s centerstage position in the business world, the Scandinavian country is slowly making its way into the spotlight.

Back in 2014, Oslo Meets Hackney invaded London for a day, where Londoners at The Trampery were able to explore the Norwegian startup scene. Tech, music, fashion; it was all there. The event was followed by an evening of networking between London and Oslo startups in the hopes of enhancing a strong bond between both and giving Oslo the spotlight it deserves.

However, these ‘street’ events are far from the only way of expanding Norwegian genius to London’s scene. The Norwegian Embassy in London is a huge booster for innovation and bringing businesses to the United Kingdom. Providing information about Norwegian-British relations, markets and more, the Embassy is a great starting point. It also organises events such as meetings, seminars and dinners to promote economic interest. They provide all sorts of support for anyone wanting to break into the UK market and make it.

Norwegian entrepreneurs have an easy entry thanks to the Norwegian-British cooperation. New businesses aren’t looking to London soil for the first time; in fact, British oil import is 70% Norwegian, whereas half of its gas imports also come from the Nordic country. Outside the energy sector, however, the UK and Norway also operate on friendly terms. The Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), which is recognised by the Embassy, also promotes trade and investment between both nations, providing professional links between both.