Offering Francophone Services

French business is flourishing in the United Kingdom showing no signs of stopping soon. There is one main factor, probably, behind this: in London, French business are rewarded for their work, whereas in France they suffocate under the high tax rates. Like with every other country, the UK promises business links will suffer no consequence with the Brexit referendum, but that is still to be seen.

For the time being, however, French business thrives in London. With such a big community of French people in the British capital - estimated at around 400,000 in all of the UK - many new businesses are targeting at their needs. This means that doctors, artists, chefs, and more are promoting themselves as either French or Francophone to tackle the wealthy French expats calling London home. Escaping President Hollande’s super tax, the French are flocking in the thousands to the city and starting up their own businesses.

Many can do so now through French Tech London. The company, originally based in Paris for UK startups to open their companies there, has now labeled London as a French Tech Hub. They launched their London branch just this past April, but their 3-year experience in Paris has a lot to say about how they can help French companies settle in the city. What they do is create a bridge between two startup ecosystems, giving both French and British entrepreneurs the needed tools to venture into the business world.

For a more solidified path, French entrepreneurs setting their eye on London can turn to the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain. Through events, forums and briefings, the Chamber provides business communities in both countries with contacts, thus creating opportunities to connect, develop and influence.