Rising from Nokia’s Ashes

Nokia is Finland’s most popular brand worldwide. At least it was before the iPhone emerged.

The mobile company was responsible for 25% of Finland’s economic growth during a whole decade and provided thousands of recent graduates with jobs. Their popularity caused a creative stall when younger generations opted for work at Nokia instead of starting their own companies. With the launch of the iPhone in 2007, everything changed, and Finland did what it knows best: innovate.

Helsinki is no stranger to tech-based startups. That is why it hosts one of the biggest tech-head conferences in the world, the Slush. Startups from diverse industries attend the event every November to take advantage of Finland’s growing reputation for a return on investment. But it’s not about what’s happening in Finland itself, but for Finnish startups around the world. Tekes is a government technology investment sector that helps the companies with funding to develop innovations. They are now rising from the ashes of Nokia and making an impact worldwide.

Foreign Investment for Startup Growth

Boomlagoon is perhaps one of the best examples of Finnish innovation. The gaming studio is the great mind behind Angry Birds. Although they are located in Finland, they started up their company with big London investment. Finnish-British collaborations are possible thanks to a great economic relationship between both countries. The Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce (FBCC) is a non-profit organisation based in London that promotes a healthy relation between nations through business and social events, sponsorships and networking. This allows Finnish expats in the UK to find the necessary support in Britain to expand their companies in London.