Huge Support For Polish Entrepreneurs In London

There were around 200,000 Poles who stayed in Britain after the Second World War, and those who returned home found like very difficult. For many Poles, Britain offered them a second chance at life. For this reason, the Polish market has a strong hold in the UK which is complemented by the number of business networks in place to help Polish expats in London.

Back in 2006 we realised that there is an enormous migration of Poles to the UK. There is a lot of very enterprising people who were keen to set up their own businesses. You could see that the business environment in UK was more business friendly than in Poland. And there was a lot of various institutional support to help companies grow.” explains Michael Dembiński, the Chief Advisor for British Polish Chamber of Commerce.

The BPCC along with PB link work hard to ensure there are plenty of networking opportunities for Polish entrepreneurs in the UK. “And this is very important, because – going back to my parents’ generation – many of my parents’ friends were entrepreneurs, who set up their own businesses in Britain, after the war, but unlike Polish professionals my father was a civil engineer, and he was a member of Stowarzyszenie Techników Polskich. Polish doctors, teachers, even actors had their own associations. But for some reasons Polish entrepreneurs, of that post-war generation, never got themselves together. And in a way it was a missed opportunity.”

The 2016 Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs

Since 2014, the Polish Business Link has been working as the facilitator between Polish entrepreneurs and the London market attracting more than 200 business-minded people. This year PBL are organising the third edition of Polish Entrepreneurs’ Congress which will focus on the theme of business growth, in terms of local and global markets.

“The 3rd Polish Entrepreneurs’ Congress will focus on business growth – how to speed it up, how to finance it, how to overcome the obstacles in the way – but above all how to plan for size.” Michael Dembinski, Chief Advisor BPCC.

For more information about the congress, click here.