No Fear Over Brexit for Chinese Businesses

For the UK, China is a main priority when it comes to business. The Chinese Business Association, part of the London Chamber of Commerce, is just one of the many examples of help Chinese investors can get to start a business in London. The Association helps businessmen from China with introductions to members and companies of the Chamber of Commerce, and through networking events and workshops, advises on the best ways to get your business going in London.

Thankfully, and through associations such as the one above or the China-Britain Business Council, Chinese investors needn’t worry about the Brexit vote. President Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK to strengthen business bonds between both countries was put in question after Britain voted to leave the UK; however, London will continue being open to business with China. London’s global trading city has been successful for hundreds of years and Brexit is making no impact on it. At least, not for now.

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Outside of Asia, China’s biggest investment capital is London. Chinese companies have shown great interest in the British capital’s creative industries, technology, sciences, finance and more. Whether they are starting a business or expanding it, London is the go-to destination for Chinese investors. To some, the Brexit vote can only bring positive changes to when it comes to forging foreign alliances outside the European Union, and perhaps China is the strongest one to date.