Massive Media, The Brainchild of Belgian Entrepreneurs

With the continuous creative flow of new apps, there are now even more ways to meet people. While dating apps like Happn and Tinder are now a daily ritual for any commuting Londoner, expats in London are spoilt for choice when it comes to organising a date.

Apps for finding friends on the other hand, perhaps the more urgent need for the lonely expat, are now considered to be in the same league as the frontrunners in the dating world. This is thanks in part to a couple of media entrepreneurs from Belgium, namely Lorenz Bogaert and Toon Coppens, who decided to build their online media enterprise, Massive Media in London.

Massive Media is responsible for the launch of Twoo in early 2011 now boasting 3 million members and Stepout in 2013 which now has 2 million members. While both apps encourage users to go out and meet people, users can choose whether they want to flirt, arrange dates, find a native language teacher or simply find friends with similar interests.

With 38 languages on both apps, this could mark a turning point for expats in London to find people from their native country while living abroad, while at the same time meeting people from different cultures.