Bulgarian Sport in London

Traditionally, the Bulgarians are big fans of wrestling and rhythmic gymnastics but in more recent years, Bulgarians have become increasingly involved in a wide range of sporting activities.

For those lucky enough to reside near the mountains, skiing is the sport of choice. While amongst the city-dwellers, the popular sports are football and basketball.

Bulgarians at the Olympics

Bulgaria has taken part in the Olympics since 1896 and over the years have scooped up 214 medals: 51 gold, 85 silver and 78 bronze. The Bulgarians are particularly good at wrestling, where they have earned a total of 68 medals while weightlifting is their second most successful discipline, winning them 36 medals.

Football Mania in Bulgaria

Football is the most popular sport in Bulgaria with many Bulgarian fans following The Bulgarian A Football Group, the professional league for association football clubs, as well as other European leagues. Dimitar Ivanov Berbatov, Georgi Asparuhov, and Hristo Stoichkov are the famous names in football.

One of the Leading Volleyball Teams in Europe

The men’s national volleyball team, managed by the Bulgarian Volleyball Federation, is on the leading volleyball teams in Europe.

Up until January 2009, the team held 4th place and they have regularly featured in the top 10 best teams in the world, as well as featuring in the Summer Olympics, Volleyball Men’s World Championship, European Championship and the Volleyball World Cup.