Feeling at Home with Brazilian Doctors

Perhaps one of the hardest thing about moving abroad is finding a doctor that suits your preferences, that you can feel comfortable with and that understands you - maybe even in your same language. People tend to have family doctors at home whom they turn to for almost everything, and having to find a new doctor who you feel connected to might be hard. Luckily for those coming from Brazil, their country is a great exporter of doctors with amazing qualifications that will make you feel right at home.

From gastroenterologists to psychologists, you can find a wide arrange of specialists based in London who will not only offer you medical support, but can also communicate with you in portuguese. Websites such as Lista Brasil can help you find your way around the Brazilian medical community in London.

Brazilian Exports To UK

Medical procedures - call them plastic surgery or hair treatments - are also a big Brazilian export to the UK. Things such as the Brazilian blowout keratin treatment is something even celebrities want to get done. There is nothing wrong with vanity, especially when it comes in the form of a treatment from your own country. The hair treatment is something so popular in London that it’s almost impossible to find a salon that won’t do it for you. The temporary hair-straightening procedure, however, has been controversial due to the high concentrate of chemicals that can cause health effects so there are strict regulations on its employment.