Oscar Niemeyer: A Concrete Legacy

Brazil Arch&Design 3.jpg

Perhaps the most known Brazilian architect is Oscar Niemeyer. Not only did he leave an impressive concrete print throughout the South American country with iconic buildings, and not only was he a key element in the development of modern architecture, but he was also the great architectural mind behind the city of Brasilia. Although he never left a permanent mark in the city of London, his work was widely celebrated in the British capital.

A Temporary Welcome and a Permanent Memory

The Brazilian architectural legend made his way into London’s heart in 2003 when he displayed his temporary Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. Simple but smartly designed, the architect proved that he deserved to be the most renowned Brazilian designer.

After Niemeyer’s passing in 2012, the city of London only hoped to have ever been permanently marked by his work, however, his memory will long linger in the industry. Today, Brazilian architects are on the rise, constantly exhibiting their work in temporary exhibitions throughout the British capital, although there is still a need for any of them to truly leave a concrete print in the city.