Internationalising Brazilian Culture

Brazil’s impact on the world in business, finances, education and literature is something to be considered thoroughly. The South American country is so important worldwide, that it is an important subject to include in academic disciplines. King’s College London founded the King’s Brazil Institute in 2008 in order to provide activities related to the former Portuguese colony in academics.

Brazil As A Source Of Graduate Research

The topic is widely covered at a university level in the UK, prompting graduate students to use the subject as their graduate research and to create conferences, seminars, collaborative research (in a wide range of sectors), publishing and even literary translation. The latter is quite an important one as Brazilian literature continues to gain ground worldwide with Portuguese-speaking people but still lacks translation into English.

Brazil Ed&Lit 2.JPG

In an effort to internationalise Brazilian culture, the Institute has merged with the King’s Centre for the Study of Brazilian Culture & Society facilitating the graduate’s research and further explaining the importance and impact of the country on the UK’s political, financial and educational systems.

The Institute provides its students with a further understanding of the key players of modern global politics. In the wake of Rio de Janeiro’s World Cup and Olympic Games, it becomes more and more important to understand the country’s growth as a region and state in global issues.