Ex-Sporting Talent From Brazil

Needless to say, Brazil’s biggest sport is without a doubt football. Not only is their national team the current Olympic Champion after having defeated Germany in Rio 2016, but they also rank in the top 10 FIFA teams.

They raise such talent that players are often recruited abroad for the biggest teams. An outstanding 62 Brazilian players have paraded with Premiere League jerseys, out of which 14 are active today in the new season. Amongst Brazil’s biggest exports to the UK have been Oscar and Willian (currently sporting Chelsea’s jersey), Baptista, Coutinho, Robinho, and others.

A New Wave of Sports

Along with their talented players, Brazilian communities in the UK have exported numerous different variations of traditional football to London. Sports such as futsal or footvolley originated in Brazil and made their way to the British capital through expat Brazilians. There is an amateur Brazilian Football Club of London and an FA Futsal League where Brazilian-British teams participate. Footvolley has also gained strength and England even has a national team now.

Brazilian sporting export doesn’t stop at football, however, with sports such as jiu-jitsu (the modernised Brazilian version of the ancient Japanese discipline) and capoeira having garnered great popularity on English soil. The UK has opened quite a few capoeira schools that participate in great events throughout the year, such as the Notting Hill Carnival.