Brazilian Communities Scattered Throughout London

It may come as no surprise that Brazil forms the single largest Latin American community in the UK. Although an official number is hard to pinpoint - and many guess it’s well over 200,000 - one starts noticing the increasing middle-class Brazilians calling the UK home.

Of course, Brazilians are scattered throughout the nation, a lot of them nestled in London. Some may argue that it is within the borders of the Bethnal Garden neighbourhood that you will find the biggest communities, other assure you that it is in SharedCity that the most Brazilian atmosphere is found. In reality, it is between the Queensway and Bayswater subway stations that the biggest Brazilian community has settled in.

Socialising with Caipirinhas

Fortunately for those in dire need to meet with more fellow countrymen will find a solution in the Anglo-Brazilian Society. Offering mingling activities for Brits and Brazilians alike, they are often organising events such as the annual Caipirinha Party, movie nights, wine tastings, lectures, and many others.


Braz-Water: The Place To Be

Braz-Water is the unofficial name given to the small neighbourhood that many Brazilians call home. Casa Brasil - a small supermarket boasting hundreds of imported products - is full of joyful brasileiros looking for pao de queijo, farofa and other delicacies from their home country.

If you’re wanting to meet people from the biggest South American country, then your best bet is to hang out at one of the restaurants in this area or down in Camden market, the Guanabara Club in Covent Garden or the Galpao do Forró in Brick Lane.