Austria: The Great Cultural Exporter

Austria is a great exporter of many cultural things, which means that London is bustling with cultural activities for children and their parents to enjoy. Whether it’s a trip down memory lane in an Austrian cuisine restaurant, or a trip to one of the local cultural events to support up and coming Austrian talents, the British capital has plenty on offer.

The Austrian Cultural Forum, which aims to bridge UK and Austrian talents, hosts a wide selection of cultural activities for the whole family to enjoy. There are often music concerts, film screenings, visual arts exhibitions, theater plays and much more on display at the forum. The whole family can enjoy a lovely evening by supporting their country’s talents abroad.

A Meal to Remember Home

An authentic Austrian meal is also another great possibility for a whole family to enjoy, reminiscing of home and the many delicacies that come from their country. For a fully global experience of your home country’s gastronomy, the Tiroler Hut Restaurant is the perfect place. The staff is dressed in traditional clothing, serving some amazing apple strudel and a gebackene pilze to die for. Moreover, the evening is accompanied by an accordion, yodelling and even a Tirolean Cow Bell show.