Twinkle, Twinkle Little...Diamond

Ever heard of a small jewellery brand called Swarovski? The Austrian company behind some of the most dazzling rocks out there has been around since 1895. It brightened Marilyn Monroe’s dress when she sang to John F. Kennedy and it has stolen the show at countless fashion shows, red carpets and gala events. It is so big, in fact, that London boasts some of its most important sales worldwide.


Kim Thomé, a Norwegian artist with a thirst for grandness, collaborated with Swarovski to create a London Art Installation which was displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The piece was made up of 600 Swarovski pieces which were especially made for him, two and a half times the size of its regular rocks. The 18-meter column was an unexpected but welcome to surprise to visitors of the museum less than a year ago as the huge diamonds did not necessarily shine as one would expect, but rather offered a reflection of oneself.