Central & Eastern Europe: Business Outlook For 2017

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The 21st Austria CEE focuses its efforts on the expansion of Central and Eastern Europe for the upcoming years as a marketplace. The high-end event is registration-only and important personalities such as the Austrian Federal Minister of Finance, Hans Jörg Schelling, and the Austrian Trade Commissioner for the UK, Christian Kesberg, will be present to highlight the risks and opportunities of a post-brexit world for Austrian businessmen.

Subsidiaries In The United Kingdom

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Plenty of Austrian companies have opened subsidiaries or moved their offices to London for a better connection to external sources and a broader reach of the European market, amongst others.

Austria is big on technology and they are quite respected in the renewable energy, recycling and waste management sector. In fact, they are often celebrated in the United Kingdom through different resource management fairs. Austrian business thrives throughout London and the rest of the UK and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.