Authentic Schnitzels and Apple Strudels

The proximity of Austria to Great Britain is a huge advantage when it comes to looking for produce, spirits, and more for Austrian expats. The Austrian Trade Commission has detailed a list of where to find Austrian products in the UK, from spirits to wine and beer, from food to drinks, and even other products such as shoes, clothes and textiles. However, there are also plenty of Austrian-owned restaurants that offer a wide range of delicious Viennese food, amongst others, such as the world-famous apple strudel.

If you’re craving a good old veal schnitzel, maybe head over to Boopshi’s where you will be able to pass down your food with a delicious and cold Austrian beer. If what you are looking for is more in a street-food fashion, track down the Speckmobile, often on the move from venue to venue, this food truck serves sachertorte, amongst other delicacies, and it is often the caterer for weddings and even events that the Austrian Embassy hosts.

Austrian Cuisine and Lively Music

For almost 40 years now, the Tiroler Hut Restaurant has offered delicious Austrian cuisine accompanied by live music and entertainment. While your tastebuds party with a bite of Mir Ist Alles Wurst (mixed sausages), your ears will be delighted with some accordion, yodelling, and even a Tirolean Cow Bell Show. Joseph, the owner, has served the place himself since the beginning and is in charge of the night’s entertainment. The staff are all dressed up in typical Austrian clothing for a real authentic experience.