Austria's Athletes: Some Of The Best Alpine Skiers In The World

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Nestled in the Aples, Österreich is a largely mountainous country. This has given foot to the excellence in snow sports such as alpine skiing, snowboarding and ski jumping - three sports that they excel at internationally. Some of Austria’s winter athletes are regarded as the best alpine skiers in history. Austria is one nation to look out for in the Winter Olympics and Skiing World Championships where they often take home plenty of medals.

Beyond the Snow

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Its cold weather also gives way for ice hockey. The Austrian Hockey League is made up of 12 professional including teams from other European countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovenia. To say that Austria hasn’t borrowed traditions from England would be a lie. Their Rugby Union is slowly but surely becoming more and more significant nowadays and they have even qualified in the European Nations Cup. With its constant growth it would be no surprise to see a sudden surprise appearance of the Austrian Rugby National Team on UK grounds - perhaps for a friendly match?