Australian talent in London

While Australia may not necessarily be known for its distress in literature, the country down under has certainly gifted the world with a handful of authors that are worth a mention. Miles Franklin and Thomas Keneally are just two household names that prove Australia is more than rugby and kangaroos. However, authors need a broader audience that the one in Oceania, which is why many target other English-speaking countries to showcase their work. London is, of course, one of the most important cities for foreign literature and Australia has taken advantage of this.

Kathy Lette is an Australian best selling author living in London. Her success in the British capital has not gone unnoticed, with her 2007 book How to Kill Your Husband (and Other Handy Household Hints) being picked up by composer Alan John and playwright Timothy Daly to turn it into an opera conducted by Richard Gill. In fact, Lette has openly spoken about moving to England and how it turned her life around.

At first, Lette was not happy about the move - she “had always thought of [England] as the enemy camp”, she shared in an interview with ABC. Having grown up hearing endless jokes about England, she wasn’t sure she would make it there. Her first years abroad she recognised she had made a mistake moving abroad, but love for her now husband kept her there. She fought through the loneliness of being an expat and learned to love London deeply.

The now 58 year old best selling author admits to feeling as home in England as she does in Australia now. It hasn’t only given her the chance to become friends with Stephen Fry, but it has been the rock to her success as a writer since 1998.