Tech City: Australian Start-ups Join The Hype

The UK and Australia share plenty of history and culture, making London a great investment destination for Australian startups looking to make it big in “Tech City”. The British capital is also one of the major transport connections to international markets, which means that start-ups have a sure way of making their companies grow overseas, as well. Such was the case with a small fashion company from Perth which now has clients such as Gap and Saks Fifth Avenue after eight years based in London.

The East End, home to Tech City, is hosting a handful of Australian companies who are searching for favourable taxes, better funding and, of course, the proximity to the European market. The UK government is continually searching for ways to make London an attractive place to invest by offering incentives especially in the biotech and medtech industries. The Younger generations of Australian investors are frequently turning to London; it has it all: finance, culture and business.

Although Brexit might disrupt the entry of Australian companies to the UK, it has its advantages such as broader and looser entry requirements for Australians due to the Commonwealth connection as well an independent market likely to ensure a freer landscape for startups.

Continued trust in Britain from our Aussie mates wilI maintain this healthy bilateral relationship, allowing Australia’s market to grow within Europe, using London as headquarters.