Sir Arthur Streeton Makes It To London

blue pacific.jpg

For the first time ever, an Australian painting has made it to the National Gallery of London. It is Sir Arthur Streeton’s Blue Pacific that has earned the honour to be showcased in such an important location. Finally displayed since the end of 2015, the painting is said to be on long-term loan at the Gallery and shall be exposed until the end of 2017.

Streeton’s art has enamoured people worldwide as it showcases a bold and true representation of the beauty of Australia’s landscapes. Showcasing Australian artists - often forgotten elsewhere - is a huge step for their artistic landscape, as many of the 1880s artists from down under were influenced by French Impressionism and avant-garde art. These are landscapes that had never been painted before, according to the National Gallery Director, Gabriele Finaldi.

Australian Artistry Expanding in Central East London

The Australia Council for the Arts is partnered up with Acme Studios to open up residency spaces for Australian visual artists in London’s art district, Bow. For periods of three months, these artists work  with international residents from other countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Canada, while being provided with cultural assistance to make this opportunity one of the greatest experiences in their lives.

Since 1992, this programme has opened up doors for Australian artists to be inspired and create art outside what they already know. Their potential grows significantly with the exposure to foreign cultures and maybe, one day, it is their work displayed in the National Gallery alongside Streeton.