Representing Australia: Drowning in Debris

Tackling big issues through art, design and architecture is nothing new. For a long time now, artists around the world have dared to show the world what’s wrong with it - whether that be political, environmental or cultural. This year’s London Design Biennale has opened up its doors to 30 countries to speak out on issues through art.

The British capital may have no shores, but the country does, which is why Brodie Neill’s installation - representing Australia in the Biennale - is important for the UK, as well. He is shining a light on the tonnes of debris washing up on Australian shores every year, and he is doing so with the help of the Australian High Commission of London.

Seeing the Truth Through a Kaleidoscope

Neill’s installation came to London to blow minds and leave attendees with the motivation to start recycling and cleaning up the shores. The diagram created by the Australian plastic artist will linger in the memories of those in attendance at the Design Biennale this coming September.