Ceramic Marks in London’s Prestigious Museum

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Contemporary artists worldwide are reflecting social and political issues in their work more and more so. Possibly feeling it is their duty to protest artistically against what today’s politicians are prioritising, their art is constantly questioning cultural, political and social agendas. That is the base of The Finnish Institute of London’s project which was launched in 2014. Creating a critical debate amongst those present, the Institute aims to open up a space of residency for Finnish artists in the British capital, while exploring the awareness of contemporary Finnish art.

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Outside the Institute, however, plenty of Finnish artists have made their way into the spotlight. Such is the case with Pauliina Pöllänen, who was selected as the Victoria and Albert Museum Ceramic Resident Artist. She started her residency in April of this year, in the hopes to use the physical history of the Arts and Crafts movement in the museum as an inspiration.

The program, organised by the Museum, has provided previous residents with the opportunity to secure gallery representation and winning awards. Pauliina has been previously showcasing her work worldwide in important museums in Norway, the USA, amongst others. However, she plans on making an impact in the arts in the United Kingdom.