The Profound Impact Of Polish Visual Arts in London

Most people would choose France, London and Germany if asked to name the leading countries in terms of forging a path for modern visual arts, however, it would be naive of us to overlook Poland, a country whose tumultuous history, fine art institutions and deep-rooted traditions as well as a growing market lends itself to a strong and deeply nationalistic art movement.

Scratch the surface a little of the London art exhibitions and you will find a surprising number of exhibitions with a Polish artist taking centre stage. The Polish Cultural Institute is a front runner in keeping the Polish community in London as well as art lovers in general up to date with what’s on in London.

Piotr Krzymowski At The START Art Fair

This year sees the third edition of the START art fair organised by Parallel Contemporary Art and Saatchi Gallery which will take place from 15- 18 September. The art fair takes over three floors of Saatchi Gallery showcasing new talent and emerging artists from all over the world. Last year the art fair showcased the work of artists from across 23 different countries.

London-based gallery l’étrangère (a proud supporter of Polish art) will present a solo exhibition of Piotr Krzynowski’s latest “film series” collection which incorporates collaging as a technique, using imagery from “Ty i Ja” and “Film” both classic Polish magazines from the ‘50s and ‘60s.

Krzynowski likes to play with moving imagery, paper collage and re-contextualising already existing visual imagery often linked with cinematography. His moving work often involves manipulating and slowing down the recordings.