Sigmund & The "Selfie"

We live in a self-absorbed world. Being an expat is no longer about just enjoying your new home, making new friends and learning new things. It’s about posting it all over social media, making sure everyone can see the wonderful time you’re having abroad.

There is nothing wrong with being so aware of the self, after all, it was Sigmund Freud who made us conscious of it. In fact, to celebrate his 160th birthday, the Freud Museum is exhibiting work by Austrian artist Mark Wallinger which explores the self-involved world we live in. Titled ‘Self Reflection’, the exhibition is really just the installation of a mirror on the ceiling of Freud’s study; however, it’s the message behind it that really sticks. Doctors should be ‘like mirrors’ according to Freud, and besides, isn’t having a mirror on your ceiling the most narcissistic thing one could do?