Brazilian Talent At Frieze London Fair

Brazil’s art scene is one of the most interesting and historically rich around the world. Their main problem does not come from funding to export, but rather that the funds are not being spent. Looking to promote Brazilian culture and arts, the UK has pushed to create good relations with the nation. In fact, out of the Bric countries, Brazil has the richest history of architecture and design and it has become rather obvious as it is plastered in their arts, as well.

The Brazilian government launched Science without Boards, where they aim to send thousands of Brazilian artists to different international destinations to develop their artistic awareness. Additionally, bridging the London and Rio Olympic Games strengthened the artistic bond between both nations, and the British Council project TRANSFORM was a key element in the collaborative process between both. The project uses arts to connect and inspire people, to assert human dignity, and to foresee a sustainable future. Transform used the four years between both Olympic Games to connect artists between both nations and allowed space for dialogue in order to build a creative future together.

Art’s Power in Charity

The growth of Brazilian galleries has been quite noticeable as well, and the Frieze London Fair, which brings together an array of international galleries to London, has continually opened up spaces to showcase Brazilian talent. Other UK organisations based in London have also reached out to Brazilian arts organisations to help the countries exchange ideas for a brighter future. In fact, they have used these art links between the UK and Brazil to highlight problems such as homelessness and exchange initiatives to tackle the issues.