Can You Find All Roa’s Street Art Animals?

If you have ever marvelled at any large black and white graffiti animals in the London Borough of Hackney, you have probably been face to face with a Roa original. Roa is a hugely popular, and hugely defended street artist from Ghent in Belgium who has left his mark in a number of cities including New York, Warsaw, Paris and Berlin; London remains however, his city of choice to let his feral animals roam free.

A number of his animals inhabit the streets of Shoreditch, popular for graffiti artists to express themselves. Highly regarded in the London graffiti circles, Roa’s rodents are loyally defended, despite the efforts to the contrary by the Shoreditch council.

Graffiti is one of the most free art expressions of the world; you don’t do it for money nor for an institution, it’s free expression and it liberates yourself creatively from a lot of restrictions
— Roa

Roa plays with the juxtaposition between nature and urban environments resulting in his visceral sketch style graffiti animals appearing to react directly with their environment.

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