Argentina’s Potential

Argentina’s economic and political potential is enormous - it has been for many years. The downside has been years upon years of a corrupt political system that has caused foreign investment in the country - and vice versa - to tread carefully. Since Mauricio Macri’s ascend to the country’s presidency, however, relations between the UK and Argentina have started to slowly solidify and bilateral investment has been a promise made by some powerful businessmen.

The UK is, in fact, one of the main countries pulling Argentina back into the business trade market. This has opened up the doors for Argentine businessmen to consider moving to London and other parts of the United Kingdom to continue their businesses’ growth. There are already plenty of entrepreneurs living in London who had fled Argentina’s corrupt government, and thanks to third parties - such as the British Argentine Chamber of Commerce - have succeeded in their endeavours.

Although the Falklands war between these two nations continues leaving a bittersweet aftermath, Britain is welcoming Argentina to investment and allowing the forging of stronger trading ties. This has led to hungry young Argentine entrepreneurs to flock to the British capital in the hopes of opening their own businesses abroad.