Argentina: 200 Years Of Independence

200 independence.jpg

July 9th 2016 marked 200 years of independence for Argentina from Spanish rule. The Declaration of Independence was officially signed in Tucumán, a small province in northwestern Argentina, but the celebrations were felt across the world where Argentinian communities are present. So how did the Argentinians celebrate this momentous event? With tango performances, empanadas, brindis of fernet and an enormous asado, of course!

Healing the Falkland Scars

With Mauricio Macri, the current President of Argentina, promising a “new kind of relationship” with the United Kingdom, this could be the year that the Falkland scars finally begin to heal and the tension begin to thaw as Macri aims to push his country to become more involved in world affairs. It’s been more than 34 years since the two countries were involved in the two month conflict over the ownership of the Falkland islands.

The celebration of Argentina’s bicentennial under their first non-Peronist, democratic government is a momentous occasion in itself. “Argentina wants to have a good relationship with the whole world,” this means an easier relationship with the United Kingdom and an increase in foreign investment. It’s a promising time for Argentina.