Utopia, Dystopia & Everything In Between

The Polish concept for London’s first ever design biennale is an intriguing one. The interactive game entitled “Cadavre Exquis: an Anatomy of Utopia” is based on Thomas More’s map of Utopia. However, rather than a response to the island itself, Polish team consisting of designer Maria Jeglinska and art historian Klara Czerniewska were more fascinated with reimagining in the journey one makes to arrive at the island.

To What Extent Are We In Charge Of Our Own Utopias?

This is the imaginative question that the Polish team are playing with, and they are inviting you to play too. This idea is that you must construct your own ideas of utopia (and dystopia) by answering questions and following steps depending on your answers. It’s all very self-reflexive as well as acting as a critique of the past.

If you’re ready to take this journey expect to answer questions to our current era, ponder our desire to create Thomas More’s island and whether there is any method in our madness which will make it possible to create the perfect future.

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