Utopia vs Reality: When the Lights Go Out

In this year’s London Design Biennale, many countries are tackling important societal and community issues that need to be addressed in order to get rid of the idea of a utopia. Such is the case with Austria’s representation in the Biennale, where the utopian ideal is challenged by the everyday reality of life. The slightest movement, a breath, changes the ideally constructed sculpture by mischer’traxler studio, moving the rods and dimming the lights on the idea of a perfect world.

LeveL, as the installation has been named, analyses the complex structure of ideals. “For us, utopia is an ideal system in which personal freedom is confronted with communal interdependencies, in which ownership needs to be weighed against responsibility, and in which transparency is juxtaposed with privacy”, shared the artists behind the piece. Perhaps they are onto something and it is time to destabilise a system that promotes utopias and start building a wrecked world that actually works well together.

Advanced Technologies and World-Renowned Craftsmanship

The Austrian installation interacts directly with the audiences, and even the slightest movement, such as a draft of air, will impact the ideal system of the installation, changing its balance and luminosity. With this piece, the artists are looking to introduce the ingenious creativity of Austrian design and make a point of the intercultural world we live in.