London Festival of Architecture: International Involvement

In June 2016, London was crowned the “global hub of architectural experimentation, practice and debate” as The London Festival of Architecture prepares to take over the city. The festival will unveil a series of unmissable events, talks and exhibitions, the aim of which is to encourage citizens of London and visitors to participate, engage and comment on the city.

A Community Of International Talent

“Community” is the buzzword for this year’s festival; for such a diverse and multicultural city the chosen theme is particularly apt. In the midst of UK immigration debates, this year’s theme could be interpreted as a comment on London society. The festival is designed to bring together all echelons of society under one metaphorical roof, to feel a part of the community of London.

Handpicked Events For The International Community

The representation of so many different nationalities in the LFA programme is a proud and impressive display of international talent in London. Ranging from topics of migration, celebration of non-UK born architects and the influence of various cultures in London, there really was something for everyone.


The Story of a Forgotten Danish Architect

Berthel Michael Iversen (1906-1976) was a twentieth century Danish architect who worked predominantly in Malaysia. This talk discusses Iverson’s experimentation with tropical architecture and sustainability.

Mona Hatoum: Lebanese-born Palestinian living in London

Mona Hatoum settled in London in 1975 and this is the first major exhibition in the UK which showcases Hatoum’s collection spanning 35 years. Hatoum challenges our vision of the world through themes of contradiction, juxtapositions and conflictions, directing our attention inwards toward our own emotions. She has been described as one of the most important artists working today.

Communities of Migration in Deptford

Take a walk through this area of South-East London on this guided walk through Deptford and experience the patterns of migration in both the inhabitants and reflected in the architecture. Deptford is accustomed to waves of immigration, but has it been able to keep its identity in tact? Find out for yourself.

Australia’s Finest

Comedian Tim Ross and Musician Kit Warhurst take to the stage in Australia House at the Australian High Commission to present their award winning show. The duo have been travelling across the globe to perform in the most unlikely of architectural venues to bring comedy and music together in the most delightful of ways.

French Artist Olivier Grossetête Invites People to Build

Grossetête invites the whole community to get involved in his architectural event entitled: “The People Build”. Watch in amazement at the strength of a community when united in the same goal.

Ottoman Architect Mimar Sinan and Turkish Ceramics

Mimar Sinan was the chief architect during the height of the Ottoman Empire and he was responsible for over 300 major structures including mosques and baths. A group of British architects went on a research trip to Istanbul and Edirne to study the Ottoman architect’s work. The trip has inspired an exhibition and book which focusses on Sinan’s use of ceramics in his complex architectural projects.

One For The Latin American Community

Embrace the Latin American community in the Elephant & Castle in London by attending an exhibition put together by Studio Gil and Carnaval del Pueblo to showcase the projects they have successfully launched. You can also check out the Live Project installations put together by the University of Brighton architecture students designed originally for Carnaval.

UK-China: Sustainable Hospital Design & Development

35 influential Chinese hospital leaders and healthcare architect have been invited to partake and share their expertise in an interactive theme on the theme of “green hospitals”. This includes the use of energy efficient systems and hospital planning concepts.

Prague: A Visionary Urban Plan

Join this panel discussion to discuss the medieval European capital and celebrate the 700th birthday of Czech King Charles IV, the man behind this ingenious city planning design.

London Universities: Cultivating Entrepreneurial Spirit

City designers, academic and student representatives from both London and the USA lead the panel for an interactive discussion on the role of London Universities. Among the themes addressed includes their role in cultivating entrepreneurial spirit and attracting a community of international students.

German Outdoor Theatre Company & The House

This mixed performance combines music, dance, theatre and even pyrotechnics to mark the 400th anniversary of The Queen’s House. As well as including German outdoor theatre company Pan. Optikum, award winning composers, video artists and Avant Garde dance troupe take part in this marvellous spectacle.

Film & Photography: The Anti-Industrialisation of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Veronika Janovcova and Timothy O’Hare have put together a 15 minute film which comments on the future of Dolni Vitkovice, a national landmark in Ostrava which faces the threat of demolition since it is no longer in use. There will also be a photography exhibition put together by Ostrava born Viktor Kolár who cleverly juxtaposes black and white photography with recent colour images to enhance the sense of melancholy and nostalgia he feels towards his evolving city.

The Residue of The Soviet Union: Forging Identities

The history of Kazakhstan has been the crossroads for nomads for centuries, however after 300 years of colonisation and decades of serving under the Soviet Union as a constituent republic, Kazakhstan is suffering from an identity crisis.

Young Kazakhs are questioning whether the nomadic heritage still remains an important part of their culture, or whether communism and globalisation have squashed this past. The exhibition “City Nomads” is a collection of photography, designers, musicians and architects created by the new wave of talent emerging from the creative community in Almaty.

Community takes on a different meaning for everyone; the themes addressed in this handpicked selection of events, exhibitions and talks will no doubt be particularly poignant for the international community in London.