Utopian Infrastructures For Basic Resources

For many, a utopian future looks like a city with flying cars, less polluted, perhaps. A community that bonds together and unites in an effort to create a perfect government. Others might conceive a utopian future as something brought out of the Soviet Union’s archives. However, the reality for many is just a future where water and other basic resources are not scarce. Sisters Noura and Basma Bouzo from Saudi Arabia are representing their country at the London Design Biennale just with that premise.

A resource that is as necessary as scarce in our world can be the base of a utopian dream. With their installation, Water Machine, the Saudi Arabian artists want to highlight the importance of having water. Just like a gumball machine, inserting money into the installation will deliver a small globe filled with water. Saudi Arabia is a desert territory, and their means of obtaining water are not only overly expensive but also highly energy absorbing. A utopian future for Saudi Arabia means a global structural change for the use of resources.

Noura and her sister Basma are curators of the Saudi Design Week, and have been exhibited in worldwide events. Noura has had her work exhibited in London before in 2008 and 2009, making this the second time she returns to the city where she completed her Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and Masters in the History of Arts from the University of London’s SOAS.