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London continues to attract a high number of global professionals seeking employment or starting up their own business every year. These expatriates are a unique market in that their decision to move to London is permanent.


Following the success of Prestige Magazine in the 2015/2016 Expat Season, a demographic survey was conducted within a selection of our database.

Of the 8500 approached; 3454 expats responded, it was determined That World Expats living in London have a considerable amount of expendable income, and enjoy the finer side of living and are…

  •  74%  are aged between 25 and 65 years have children

  •  65% are in London on Expat assignment 

  •  22%  permanent residents of UK

  •  85%  spend a large portion of their income on leisure & sports 

  •  71%  take more than 3 leisure and/or business trips per year

  •  90%  enjoy eating out on a regular basis

  •  86%  attend social gatherings or networking events per month 

  •  76%  readers are female

  •  24%  readers are male

  •  74%  readers are likely to buy products or services seen in World Expat Publications 

  •  69%  spend at least 2 hours reading LIFESTYLE magazines 

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Made-to-measure Campaigns

If foreign professionals in London are included in your target market, WORLD EXPAT can help.

Online& Publication advertising options include:

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  • Events

  • Email Marketing

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